During your stay here in Vienna we want to give you the best experience we can. To help you out with this we offer you our 'ESN card', which holds lots of benefits. Not only here, but everywhere where you can find an ESN section your card is useable ! You can get this card at our office.

What's in it for you?

  • ESNcard is valid for 1 year in all countries, where they have ESN sections
  • Discounts on all trips, parties and events organized by ESN
  • Free A1 SIMcard

Cooperations with Clubs and Bars

  • Travel Shack Vienna : Every Tuesday, cheaper drinks
  • Na-Nog Irish Pub : Every Monday, cheaper drinks
  • Moody CLC : Every Thursday, free entry & discounts on drinks
  • U4 : Every Friday and Saturday, cheaper entrance
  • Säulenhalle : Special Saturdays, cheaper entrance
  • Med & Law : Every last Saturday, cheaper entrance & welcome shot

German classes

  • Innes : 10% discount
  • Deutschzentrum : 20% discount


  • Tennis lessons : various discounts
  • Billiard & Bowling : 25% on every game, drink specials


  • Leopold museum : cheaper entrance
  • Madame Tussauds : 30% discount (50% with voucher)


  • Mozart's : cheaper Schnitzel


  • Eurosender : 10% discount
  • DriveNow : various discounts

For further details and more discounts have a look at ESNcard.org