1996 is the year clone-sheep Dolly was born, 0.9% of the world’s population had access to the internet and Macarena was THE summer hit. A different world back then, huh? 

1996 was also the year ESN Uni Wien and ESN Buddynetwork TU were founded. 20 years ago, local students of the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology joined forces to help international students and to internationalise their home university life. Friendships have been made, lessons have been learned and unforgettable memories have been created.
ESN Uni Wien and ESN Buddynetwork TU Wien have both come a long way and we want to honour our past achievements the way they deserve: big time!

So, in 2016, we’ll organise 20 different events that represent the diversity of ESN. A year full of celebrations, sport events, cultural highlights and adventures awaits us:

- SocialErasmus: Share & Care Fleamarket
- Big Picture Flashmob

- Ice Skating

- Welcome Party – Birthday Edition
- International Dinner & Flag Parade
- SocialErasmus: SOS Kinderdorf project

- Vienna City Marathon
- Movin’ Europe Project

- Band Contest
- Trip to Salzkammergut
- BBQ – Anniversary Style

- SocialErasmus: Share & CAFleamarket
- Boat Trip Wachau

- Volleyball Tournament
- SocialErasmus: Auction (Fleamarket Part II)
- Camping Adventure

- Welcome Party – 2nd Birthday Edition 
- International Dinner & Flag Parade – 2nd Anniversary Edition

- ESN Anniversary Ball
- MapAbility Event

- ESN Vernissage 
- ESN 20 years’ Closing Ceremony

We cordially invite all of you to celebrate our 20th anniversary with us. 
Let’s make this year unforgettable,

heart Your ESN Team heart

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