We proudly present our buddy system. Buddy? Buddy system? What's that?

The buddy system usually assigns incoming students to locals (called Buddies) in one-on-one matches (with each incoming student receiving two local matches), although this can vary based on need.

The buddies help the exchange students in their first days and during their whole stay in Vienna whenever the incomings have questions about life and studying in Vienna, are looking for the inside scoop on where to go in Vienna, or would simply like to hang out with locals.

All incoming students are welcome to join the buddy system if they want to, but it is not compulsory to participate.

If you want to participate, please follow the link below that applies to you:

Incoming Exchange Student

Are you an exchange student coming to Vienna and would like assistance or a new friend?

Register as an incoming exchange student for the buddy system and choose 'Mentee'

Lokale(r) Student(in)

Bist du ein/e Student/in in Wien und möchtest gerne als "Buddy" einen oder mehrere Austauschstudierende unterstützen?

Wenn du schon einmal Buddy warst: Registriere dich hier als Buddy zum Buddysystem und wähle 'Mentor' aus

Wenn du noch nie Buddy warst: Registriere dich hier für Informationen zu unserem Buddy-Infoabend.

Matching Progress

Matching happens over time because new people register continuously. You'll normally be matched a few days before your arrival in Vienna. Please be patient with us, assignments go out every few days between a month before the start of the semester and about 2-3 weeks after the start of the semester.

If you have further questions about how the Buddy System is working, just contact us at: buddy-system@esnuniwien.com

We hope you'll have lots of fun with the buddy system!!!!