Our team

ESN Uni Wien is a local section of ESN, the biggest European student association, that works for the benefit of all exchange students at Universität Wien and is based on the idea "students helping students". 

We are a team of about 25 Austrian and international students who share an interest in intercultural exchanges, travelling, and showing our city and therefore volunteer in our free time. Most of us have been exchange students in the past and that's why we know the needs and concerns that can come up while being abroad. 

Our section is also a member of ESN Vienna, which unites all 6 ESN sections in Vienna and of ESN Austria, which has a regulatory board to manage the ESN activity on the national level and to be a link between the international and local level.

In terms of activities' organization and the amount of exchange students we help, ESN Uni Wien is the largest ESN section in Austria.